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About Us

Every athlete is unique in their own strengths and talents. Since all athletes develop, mature, and learn in their own individual ways, our club philosophy fosters a player-centric approach to teaching the game. We accomplish this through training in things that are within a player's control (Effort, Motivation, Mindset, Attitude) - with special attention and emphasis on the process rather than outcome. Game-like repetition, video/stat analysis, and individual evaluations are just some of the tools we use to help the athlete grow in the game.

Virginia Volleyball Academy offers a complete club experience with three per week practices and a minimum of 10 scheduled tournaments throughout the season. Our IMPACT/CAP certified coaches bring a wealth of experience playing or coaching at various levels including collegiate and VLA teams. The 8-court facility is conveniently located within 30 minute drive of Arlington, Bethesda, Potomac, Sterling, and other cities around the capitol beltway.

Aside from club, we host various clinics for athletes throughout the year plus sessions for parents and players that cover a wide range of volleyball related topics including college recruitment, nutrition, and stress management.

Whether you are a novice looking to learn the game or a seasoned veteran working on improving your skills, we have something to offer everyone!

Our Mission

No fancy wording here. We just want players to love the game and continue playing for as long as possible (kind of like all our coaches). We believe in deep fun where players find joy in being challenged. Here at VAVA, we want to provide an environment where the individual matters and we don't settle for "lowest denominator coaching". In other words, we put you in a position and coach you specifically in a way that will allow you to be successful. No blanket coaching here...and that's a good thing!

Our Vision

To be imperfect.

We see our club as being a unique club in the sense that we are always looking for improvements. Being imperfect to us mean we are constantly finding ways to be better and finding solutions to problems. We put our ego aside and solicit input from every member of our club from the beginner novice to the most experienced veteran. Everyone has a voice in our club and as a result, we keep learning and striving to BE GREATER.

Walt Disney said it best: "We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths."


VAVA Volleyball Academy


VA Volleyball Academy